About us

Minikitchen BeNeLux is a producer of pre-assembled metal mini kitchens. Our mini kitchens are made from high-quality steel and are fitted with build-in electrical appliances. Our mini kitchens can be installed with a minimum of technical knowledge. Low installation costs, sustainable quality go hand in hand with us.


The company Minikeuken BeNeLux was founded in the year  2000. Originally, the intention was to provide the home market in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with pre-assembled high-quality metal mini kitchens including electrical appliances. Due to continuous demand from neighboring countries buts also from North African countries  and project on holiday islands, our company become active in more than 15 countries.

The mini kitchen philosophy has its origins in the model on wich the company is based : " we are a family company "

That family includes our employees and our business partners of course ! After all , they form the meaning and purpose of our ideas and actions.


We want to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-assembled metal mini kitchens, including electrical appliances, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for contruction companies, architects and their customers.


By developing high-quality mini kitchens for our business partners and their customers, making a valuable contribution to contruction projects in all our countries where our company is active.